Row after the Sun set on Udaya News

Udaya TV Workers’ Union claim the network violated labour laws while laying off scores of employees.

Bangalore, March, 20, 2018: As many as 200 ex-Udaya News employees are set to go on a strike to protest unpaid benefits and dues to workers who were fired last year, said G R Shivshankar, General Secretary, Trade Union Co-Ordination Centre

Bharath-udaya news
Udaya TV Workers’ Union claim the network violated labour laws.

The Udaya TV Employees union said that 68 Sun Network employees who were working for Udaya News Channel were laid off unlawfully without settling dues they were entitled to.

The Sun Network laid off the employees without settling employee benefits such as bonuses and leave compensation , said the union in a statement.

Udaya News stopped telecasting news from September 2017 and has been programming movie-related content instead under the same banner and licensing.

Shivshankar said, “The management said they would shut down Udaya News channel from 23 September, 2017. But it’s still in operation.”

He added that the channel made Rs. 7 on every TV subscription and is still making profits from advertisements.. “We don’t want all the profits,but just want the benefits the channel is obligated to provide to us by law,” Shivshankar said.

The Sun Network has violated several acts including the Industrial Dispute Act , 1947 says the Union.The Union had complained to the labour department in October last year. The labour minister had called for action to be taken.Recently, there was a meeting scheduled between the Union and the management last week, but nobody from the management turned up for it, said he added.


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